Social and Community Commitment

Mowilex Corporate Social Responsibility

Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is absolutely essential to Mowilex. We believe that through corporate social responsibility (CSR), we can better connect with our customers and their communities in a more meaningful way, forming long-lasting bonds and trust. For us, corporate social responsibility is a discipline that guides our risk management and governance practices, encompassing ethical standards, environmental sustainability, data security, and more.


Our Volunteers Painting A Sports Court


A Seven Day Painting Project Recognized by Indonesia's President


We Bought, Packed, Shipped And Sent Our Own Employees To Deliver Aid to Palu After A Devastating Earthquake


Repainting Dwituna Rawinala - One of Five Specialized Schools In Indonesia for Children With Multiple Disabilities

Mowilex and its employees have had a long tradition of community involvement and volunteerism, directly supporting communities were  

Between 2015 and early semester of 2021, we donated 206,248 liters of paint to schools, community centers, parks, faith-based organizations and orphanages.  Moreover, since 2018, our employees volunteered over 6.365 hours of their time to improve and help their communities.

In total, we conducted over 200 community based CSR activities in early semester of 2021.