Net zero carbon emissions for the 5th consecutive year

PT Mowilex has announced the company’s fifth consecutive year of CarbonNeutral® certification. This year, Mowilex took a step further by purchasing a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) to certify the use of renewable energy for the entire company’s electricity needs, which is the most significant contribution to Mowilex's emissions in this reporting year.

100% Carbon Neutral

As of 2019

Our journey to become carbon neutral started during our strategic planning process in February 2018. The impetus for this initiative was our desire, as an ethical, contemporary market leader, to expand the scope of our CSR activities to address sustainability. Indonesia faces critical climate change challenges. As of October 2019, we have become 100% carbon neutral. We became certified following a rigid process required by advisors who are among the global leaders in environmental advisory and certification.

Helps to protect 65.000 ha

of Rimba Raya Project in Indonesia

Based on the Indonesian island of Borneo, known regionally as Kalimantan, the Rimba Raya Body copy untuk Rimba Raya ---> Biodiversity Reserve is home to carbon-dense tropical peat swamps that house 105,000 endangered Bornean orangutans and other threatened species.

Protecting 1500 KM²

of Ocean In Sumbawa, for 5 Years

As a large archipelago, Indonesia is largely reliant on its coastal waters for its food sources, and for its tourism industry. With the help of our shareholders, we have financially committed to a five-year effort by Conservation International (CI) to protect a sensitive marine area in Sumbawa that is home to the endangered whale shark. With our help, CI will continue to work with local governments and communities to maintain and protect Saleh Bay, and to develop environmentally sustainable tourism in the area.

80% Plastic Reduction

Within 8 Years

We are pledging to reduce our new plastics consumed in our packaging by 80% measured in tonnage, by 2027. We want to change consumer and shop-owner mindsets about plastics being the ideal packaging material. And, we hope to see consumer indifference, if not preference for packaging with recycled content which will have color imperfections. To succeed we will need the help of others in the industry, including logistics companies, as well as policy support for recycling. In our own consumption, we have already converted nearly all our offices and factory to use filtration to avoid plastic water bottles.

Mowilex is Surely Safe Campaign

The Mowilex Pasti Aman (“Mowilex is Surely Safe”) is a voluntary replacement programme aimed at stores and distributors to replace remaining Mowilex Cat Kayu dan Besi paints manufactured before 2019 from store shelves with new Mowilex Cat Kayu and Besi paints, now with improved, low-lead formula.

All participating stores and retailers will receive free replacements for all verified Mowilex Cat Kayu dan Besi paints manufactured before 2019, when the company began its lead-free transition.

6.385 Volunteered Hours and 209.393 Liters of Donated Paint

Since 2018, we've donated 206,248 liters of paint and our employees have volunteered 6,365 hours.
Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is absolutely essential to Mowilex. We believe that through corporate social responsibility (CSR), we can better connect with our customers and their communities in a more meaningful way, forming long-lasting bonds and trust. For us, corporate social responsibility is a discipline that guides our risk management and governance practices, encompassing ethical standards, environmental sustainability, data security, and more.

Product Commitment

Highest Safety & Quality

Our legacy guides our commitment to product excellence. We are known for our no-compromise quality. We extend that to sustainability.

First water based paint manufactured in Indonesia in 1970. First certified wood coating for exported toys in the 1980s. Low VOC paints starting early 1990s. VOC disclosure and labeling standards based on emission standards in the U.S. state of California.

Committed to planting 50,000 trees

Upon reaching its 50th anniversary in 2020, Mowilex has committed itself to planting as many as 50,000 trees. This tree planting campaign is to express Mowilex's care towards the environment, as trees are a natural instrument that absorbs carbon from the air and turns it into oxygen. Trees are sources of life and are homes to thousands of species that seek shelter in them. In this 50,000 trees campaign, Mowilex calls upon the wider community to participate in planting "Pohon Asuh" ("Adopted Trees") and to receive a certificate of proof from Mowilex. To participate, click on the button below