Product Commitment

An Ethical, Contemporary Market Leader

We have a long history of environmental responsibility, with Mowilex brand products being the first to be manufactured in Indonesia starting 1970.

In the 1980s we formulated a certified woodstain products that enabled toy manufactures in Indonesia to export their product to various European countries.

Starting 2018, we began to obtain “green” certification for many of our products, which had for years met the qualifications based on their formulation and our manufacturing process.    Also, our R&D function’s mandate was  revised, requiring all new product development initiatives to follow industry-leading attributes for minimal environmental impact, whilst maintaining our legacy of high quality standards.

Green Lable Products

We continue to add to our portfolio of products that carry third-party "green" certifications.

Green Lable Products

Ultra Low and Zero VOC Labels

We are all aware that long-term investment in our company is directly related to the preservation of the planet we inhabit and the local communities we serve. We remain focused on finding environmentally friendly solutions and reducing the carbon footprint produced. In the 1990s, we develop a formula that contains very low VOC (a volatile organic compound) in a very low percentage. For more information about VOC please click the button.